Feb 27, 2024 98 Sean Hampsey

Time to Prepare

To be good at anything, we have to put time, effort, and practice into it. The same applies to our preparation for eternity. How well are we going to do at the end of year exams if we have put little or no time towards studying during the year? Similarly, how well will we stand up on judgment day when we are held accountable for our lives? In our preparation period on earth for eternity, how much of our life was spent in prayer, good works, and sacrifice? Our Lord paid the ultimate price for our salvation, but we have to play our part. As He has graciously allowed us to be part of that sacrifice, let us not waste this valuable opportunity. He, through Calvary, has given us a chance to be part of His redemption, to be part of His sanctity, consequently allowing mere humans to be called into sainthood. What a privilege!

As my mother would always remind us, children, this life of ours on earth, short or long, is but a preparation period, the springboard to eternity. How we fare in the structure of eternal life will be determined not only by Jesus’ death and resurrection, but by every thought, word, and deed we perpetrated during the time we spent on earth.


Sean Hampsey

Sean Hampsey is an author, singer/songwriter and has 10 albums and 7 books to his credit. A retiree at eighty-five, he is passionate about his faith and keen on embracing the Sacraments, especially the Holy Mass and Perpetual Adoration. Sean lives in New South Wales, Australia. He is happy to be contacted at: [email protected]

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