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Feb 26, 2024 173 Margaret Ann Stimatz
Lenten reflections

A Quick Tip to Dispel the Lenten Dread

If your sacrifices are dragging you down and causing you to dread Lent—take heart. Our Lady at Fatima gave the children a prayer which offers compelling reasons to sacrifice. Her words may help dispel your Lenten dreads.

The prayer begins: “O Jesus, it (this sacrifice I am making) is for love of You.” Why not borrow those words and make them your own? Telling Jesus you are doing this hard Lenten thing for love of Him may remind you why you are denying yourself in the first place: you are making room in your heart, so that you may love Him more.

Further, the prayer helped the children offer their sacrifices for “the conversion of sinners.” You can do the same. When you make a Lenten sacrifice, offer it for a specific loved one who is living far from God. “O Jesus, this is for love of You, for the conversion of……” Praying in Our Lady’s words will not lessen the difficulty of your sacrifices; but, because it sweetens them with love for Jesus and for lost souls, her words may truly help to dispel your Lenten dreads.


Margaret Ann Stimatz

Margaret Ann Stimatz is a retired therapist currently working to publish her first book “Honey from the Rock: A Forty Day Retreat for Troubled Eaters”. She lives in Helena, Montana.

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