May 13, 2020 685 Sherin Vincent

Poem: Right Here, Waiting For You

At Baptism I entered your soul, never ever to go

Many a year I waited, for you to know and love Me.


I bestowed graces, gifts and talents, to equip you for my work

But unaware, you grew up in the world.


In Confirmation, I empowered you, to follow your Saviour

Filling you with strength to walk in victory.


I longed to hear you speak to Me, perceiving My abiding presence

I waited for your call for help, that I may step in to lead you.


When you thirsted and looked around,

I hoped you would look inside to find My living waters.


When friends betrayed you and sorrow filled your heart

I wished you recognised the Companion within you.


When you tripped and fell into sin,

I yearned to give you My power to live the Word.


Come to Me, time has not passed

Let me give you the treasures of heaven.


Unwrap the gifts I have chosen for you

To build up My kingdom here on earth.


Call upon me, your Helper, to be always at your side

No sin, no pain, nothing can cause you harm.


Dear soul, I am your Advocate, who loves you without measure

With Me, you shall conquer and live in heaven forever.


Sherin Vincent

Sherin Vincent serves on the Editorial Team of Shalom Tidings. Following a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit at age 13, her delight has been seeking God in the ordinary circumstances of life. She resides with her family in Bangalore, India.

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