Jun 14, 2024 136 Antony Kalapurackal

It Starts with You

Often, it’s easy to find fault with others but much more difficult to trace the real culprit.

I discovered a parking ticket stuck on my car’s windshield wiper. It was an infringement notice for a $287 fine due to the blocking of a driveway. I became upset, and my mind filled with self-justifying thoughts.

I kept thinking: “It was just a few inches! Wasn’t the garage closed? It didn’t look like it was being used. Someone else was parked in front of my car, blocking most of the driveway. There was no available parking space, so I had to park half a kilometer away from my intended destination.”

Before the Fall

But wait a minute! Why was I making so many excuses? It’s clear that I had violated the parking rules, and now, I had to face the consequences. However, it’s always been my first instinct to try to defend myself whenever I make a mistake. This habit runs deep within me. I wonder where it originated.

Well, it goes back to the Garden of Eden. Yet another excuse? Perhaps, but I tend to believe that the first sin was not disobedience or a lack of trust in God but that of evading accountability.

Why? When Adam and Eve fell into the snake’s trap, they had never experienced evil or tasted the fruit of knowledge. They only knew God, so how could they recognize that the snake was evil and lying? What even is a lie? Can we expect them to distrust the snake? Weren’t they like a six-month-old baby trying to play with a cobra?

However, things changed after they ate the forbidden fruit. Their eyes were opened, and they realized they had sinned. Yet when God asked them about it, Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the snake. No wonder we tend to do the same!

A Precious Opportunity Awaits

Christianity, in a way, is simple. It’s about being accountable for our sins. God only asks us to take responsibility for our wrongdoings. 

When we inevitably fall, the most appropriate action for a Christian is to take full responsibility for the mistake, turn to Jesus, and offer an unconditional apology. Needless to say, taking responsibility also comes with a personal commitment to try our best not to repeat the mistake. Jesus takes on the accountability Himself and resolves it with the Father through the immeasurable value of His Precious Blood.

Imagine that someone from your family made a mistake that resulted in a huge financial loss. If you knew that your bank was willing to reimburse the loss upon receiving a statement, would you waste your time blaming each other for the mistake?

Are we truly aware of the precious opportunity we have in Christ? 

Let us not fall into the trap of Satan, who is inclined to blame. Instead, let us make a conscious effort not to point fingers at others but rather run toward Jesus when we stumble.


Antony Kalapurackal

Antony Kalapurackal serves in the Editorial Council of Shalom Tidings. Antony lives in Brisbane with his wife Vinita and children Abiel, Ashish, and Lucina.

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