Oct 22, 2018 1924 Anne Marie Schlueter

Thriving in the Promise

The mountains are moving. The seas are parting. The storms are calming. Promises are being fulfilled. But no, it could not be. There is no way that this could be this great. There is no way that everything you have been longing for could actually be here. Am I the only one to experience this? His yes?

The Lord has been leading so many of my friends into good, holy relationships. After season upon season of brokenness, growth and preparation, He has been slowly leading them into this season of fulfilled promises.

It is not just about relationships, though—it is when plans are anointed and now becomes the time. Waiting ceases for a particular miracle. The job is found, the team is formed, the logistics are working out beyond anything that you could have planned.

The time comes that we never thought would. Wow, God does actually keeps His promises.

There is no way this could be real. There is no way this healing could be real. There is no way that this much goodness could manifest itself. There is no way that now is the time. There is no way that this could be for me. There is no way that He is doing this much with my life.

Even as we are seeing the promise, doubt threatens our receptivity of this beautiful reality.

Huh? Reality? Who sets the terms and conditions on reality? Who dictates what makes sense?

Is it you? Is it your broken heart, so let down by placing your hope in things less than a God who never withholds? Is it your misunderstanding mind, wounded by an addiction to control, to the belief that you are unworthy of miracles?

Why would we choose to believe in a false reality, created by daydreaming and doubting, when the true reality of adventure orchestrated by a God madly in love with us is unfolding?

Your story does not get to make sense to you. Your Father does not get to make sense to you.

When we were little girls and received a gift, what did we do? Shyly deny it and say, “No, I don’t want it?” No, we ran with open arms, squealing with delight. We did not worry about it being taken away. We did not worry that it would break. We did not worry that it was not as amazing as we thought it was.

If you are in a season of promises being fulfilled, claim that. Receive the promise that you prayed for the night that there were no stars, when it physically hurt to hope. Are you surprised that it has come?

Are you surprised that He did not speak in vain? Stop waiting for your story to make sense.

Stop waiting for reality to feel real. If you equate reality with what makes sense, that is never going to come. If reality is what you feel worthy of, it is never going to happen because we worship a God who gives immeasurably more than all we can think or ask.


Anne Marie Schlueter

Anne Marie Schlueter is currently studying Communications at Ave Maria University. She's a passionate revivalist who believes in the power of worship, community, and the reality that nothing is beyond restoration. She blogs regularly at captivatedfreedom.wordpress.com. Originally published at YoungCatholicWoman.com.

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