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My Hand in Yours

As a child, I loved going to the circus. my favorite act was the trapeze. It appeared that these artists were flying through the air. The performers soared so high, with such grace and dignity. I used to hold my breath as they catapulted into thin air without a string attached for safety—such a dangerous stunt. my heart used to thump until they were caught by the steady hands of their partners.

Even now, I am touched by the courage of these circus artists. Their life is at stake during each performance. Yet they have the courage to face the emptiness of space. They simply trust, leaping in at the right time, confident of the secure grip of their partner. They also understand that only by releasing themselves from the secure bar will they move on with grace and swing to the next position. Before they can be caught, they must let go. They show great courage to let go and take that leap in the darkness.

Living with this kind of willingness to “let go” is one of the greatest challenges we face in life. We hold on to many things—a person, possessions or a personal reputation. We will not let go of them, whatever the cost. In the battle of survival, we consider failure as a huge loss. The great irony is that it is in giving and letting go that we receive. It takes so much courage to do that. These trapeze artists are heroes to me because it is definitely not something I would do. Those who face challenges in life become real heroes when they put their faith and trust in God.

All for you

Life sometimes brings tough situations. To surrender completely to God, we must first trust in His plans. Setting aside one’s dreams and desires is not easy. Interestingly, God gives a new meaning to all we desire and dream of when we dance to the tunes of His wishes. Grace and peace will fill our lives when we do so!

Only when we feel a firm grip can we let go, just like the trapeze artists. many falter in life because their eyes are fixed on the emptiness around them and they do not recognize the firm and secure grip of the Lord. In the gospel of Matthew (14:25-30) Jesus was walking on the lake. The disciples, watching from the boat, were amazed. Peter dared to ask if he could also walk on the water. Jesus beckoned him to “come.” With his eyes on the Lord Peter walked on the water, but when he noticed the strong wind he began to feel afraid and started to sink. jesus immediately took hold of his hand and said, “You of little faith … why did you doubt?”

Life is always beautiful and graceful for those who fix their eyes on the Lord and firmly hold on to His hand. They dance gracefully to wherever the Lord takes them. They do not worry about their lives—what is to come, their sicknesses or the future plans. They walk against the strong wind, coping with their problems and knowing nothing will harm them. They know God is in control and He will make their ways straight. Their reliance is on an eternal kingdom that will never be destroyed.

He knows you

To live with an eternal perspective and to walk holding Jesus’ hands is the most secure and worry-free way to live life. Who else knows our heart and desires more than the one who created us? “For you created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). He knew me even before my mother came to know of my existence. This is amazing!

God can transform your dreams and desires in unimaginable ways—“For surely I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord, “plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). This assurance is challenged in our lives by the evil in this world. The evil one only offers us the dangers, the pitfalls, the adverse outcomes and all the unhappiness in our life.

Your choice

In the book “Way of the Cross with Pope Francis: The meditations on the Stations” we get an interesting insight shared by His Holiness at the first station. Jesus is condemned to death. Pontius Pilate is faced with a dilemma. He has to make a judgment on Jesus. Pope Francis states that Pilate finds himself before a mystery that he cannot understand. He asks questions and demands explanations. He is searching for a solution and he almost makes it to the threshold of truth. But he decides not to cross it—between life and the truth, he chooses his own life. Between the present and eternity, he chooses the present.

Like Pilate, the crowd also comes face-to-face with the “Truth.” The crowd chooses to “Crucify Him!” The crowd and Pilate, in fact, were driven by a sentiment that unites all people: fear—the fear of losing security, possessions, life and the present. We can easily identify ourselves with Pilate and the crowd. What would you choose? The truth or your life? The present or eternity?

For only through His piercing gaze and pierced hands can we choose truth and brave the uncertainty. Turn to Jesus. He is your stronghold and refuge. He is waiting for you. Take that leap of faith!

Lord, it is your grace that helps me seek Your tender face. Let Your gaze fall upon me and pierce my heart to live a life for You. I see Your hands stretched out to hold mine tight; all I desire is to walk with You and dance to the tune of divine love. May my eyes be fixed on You. I put my hands in Yours, in this journey to eternity. Help me, Lord, to take that leap of faith and let go of everything that separates me from you. Take hold of me!

Tina Mary Sajiv

Tina Mary Sajiv serves in the Editorial Council of Shalom Tidings published by Shalom Media. She resides with her family in California, USA


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