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May-Jun '20

‘Hope to Die’ is the latest book by renowned theologian and author, Dr Scott Hahn and award-winning Catholic writer, Emily Stimpson Chapman.

As Catholics, we profess belief in the resurrection of the body. Burying the dead and praying for their souls are corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We honour the dead and pray for their souls in the Rite of Christian burial. We do all of this, and more, because Jesus bestowed great dignity on our bodies when he became man.

In Hope to Die: The Christian Meaning of Death and the Resurrection of the Body, Scott Hahn explores the significance of death and burial from a Catholic perspective. The promise of the bodily resurrection brings into focus the need for the dignified care of our bodies at the hour of death. Unpacking both Scripture and Catholic teaching, Hope to Die reminds us about what God has planned for the faithful when they reach their last day.

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May-Jun '20

Discover the fascinating true story of how St. Patrick endured kidnapping, slavery and persecution in 5th Century Ireland. The drama of how he came to achieve unprecedented success in proclaiming the Gospel is brought to life by Jarrod Anderson’s new docudrama, “I Am Patrick” produced by Gordon Robertson, CBN Films.

The docudrama combines historical re-enactments, interviews with experts and the saint’s own writings, to tell the story of a man who surrendered everything to God.

Subtitled “The Patron Saint of Ireland”, the film seeks to debunk many of the myths and legends that have grown up around St Patrick over the centuries. It aims to portray Patrick, the man and follower of Christ, as he really was.

John Rhys-Davies (Gimli in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) plays Patrick in his old age. With his distinctive voice and stately bearing, he brings the patriarch to life as he reflects on his past and writes his “Confession,” laying out the facts about his work to refute the detractors back in Britain who were jealous of his successful evangelization of Ireland.

Watch the episode of Beyond the Vision, on Shalom World, featuring Gordon Robertson, the Executive Producer of the film, speaking about ‘I am Patrick’.

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May-Jun '20

A young singer/songwriter, speaker and former youth minister from North Carolina, Dana travels throughout the US to witness and share her songs at conferences, retreats and youth events. For as long as she can remember, Dana always loved to sing and began song-journaling when she was in middle school. Dana uses her music to reach out to people who do not listen to Christian music and those who have closed their hearts to God. Her passion is to touch those who are fruitlessly seeking empty things in the world, drawing them to God who alone can satisfy them fully.

“My Savior in Me” is her first single, conveying joy and hope with its up beat melody and energizing rhythm. Dana released her latest EP “Nothing in the World” in April 2018. Recently,a new single, “Surrender Song” was independently released and marks a fresh phase in her musical career.

She can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as her website –

Visit to watch the episode of BEATS on Shalom World featuring Dana Catherine.

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