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Feb 22, 2024 221 Suja Vithayathil, India
Lenten reflections

Is Someone Getting on Your Nerve?

A few months ago, during a conversation about a “difficult” colleague, my immediate superior remarked: “If I am not able to be a source of solace to such people in my team, then all my spirituality is in vain.” It was a wake-up-call; I had often been in the habit of judging this colleague, so this left me in shame. I realized how badly I had failed to be a true witness to my faith, at my workplace.

All of us are surrounded by difficult people, maybe in the form of a nagging spouse, an envious neighbor, an irritating colleague, or a domineering boss. In fact, Jesus dealt with difficult people on a daily basis, giving us the perfect example of compassion.

This Lent, let’s be thankful to God for all these difficult people in our lives. Instead of judging and avoiding them, let’s try to be like Jesus. Let’s do to them what Jesus would have done for them if He was in our place. And let’s not forget that it’s not the good people but the difficult people who purify us.


Suja Vithayathil

Suja Vithayathil works as a high school teacher in India, where she lives with her parents.

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  • Thank you for that reflection Suja. I had a co-worker a decade ago who was impossible to work with. Years of arguing was ineffective, so I instead began to pray for her. Jesus said, pray for those who hurt you. It changed everything. I would have never thought such a 180 degree change was possible. His showed me otherwise. Thank you Jesus

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