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May 11, 2023 2214 0 Dr. Brian Kiczek

Meet the Rosary Doctor | Dr. Brian Kiczek

For over a decade of atheism and dabbling in New Age beliefs, Dr. Brian Kiczek was on a dark path until the reality of hell struck him

A glimpse into your childhood, especially regarding your faith.

I was raised in a large Catholic family. I went to Catholic schools. In the early years, I went with the flow, going along with my family’s faith. Unfortunately, I was just going through the motions. When I was around 13 years old, I started questioning my faith. Like a lot of teenagers, I got caught up in pornography. I knew this was affecting my faith. By the time I was 18 years old, I had become a complete atheist.

What pushed you into atheism and then into New Age Spirituality?

The threat of hell is pervasive within the faith. When you feel like you may be going to hell, it is soothing to get rid of God and get rid of the faith. I thought it was a very intelligent decision. I felt I could become a god if I could get rid of God. I could decide what was right and wrong. I was influenced by authors like Ayn Rand during this time. From atheism, which is a belief in nothing, I went into New Age spirituality which felt like a step up. I was looking for something beyond myself by then. I was in such a dark hole. I wanted to find a way out. New Age spirituality was the beginning of my path out.

How long did you dabble in New Age spirituality, and what led you to Catholicism?

I would say this phase lasted three or four years. I slowly realized that even if I achieved nirvana, I could not care if I existed or not. It was hopeless. This wasn’t much better than atheism. I still cared. I was always looking for the truth. I started reading the Bible every day, and this changed me. As I got closer to God, I also understood the reality of hell. I had to acknowledge that if there was hell, I was most likely going there. This scared me.

Was there anyone who influenced you in the early years of your conversion journey?

I had Christian friends with whom I argued and debated about faith matters. Ultimately, it was getting married to my wife that changed my faith. We were married on August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Ironically, I was married in the same church that I was baptized in years ago. God had brought me back to the same church. On the day of my wedding, I argued with the priest, Father Eric, about the non-existence of God. Even though I am no longer an atheist, I can still understand the thought process. Aspects of faith cannot be proved. You cannot prove God exists, even if He appears in front of you. People can say you are imagining things. Even if you met Jesus Christ personally, how do you prove He is God? How can you prove that God is in the Eucharist? That is where faith comes in.

Can you tell us about the moment when you finally accepted Jesus as your Savior?

About two months after we got married, we were already having difficulties in our relationship. One of the things that will drive you to God is that life is difficult. Fr. Eric called me and talked to me. He slowly led me to Christ and the Rosary.

How did you come to be known as the ‘Rosary Doctor’?

Ever since I began praying the Rosary consistently, God led me closer and closer to Him and His Son, Jesus. The more that I reflected on His suffering and death, the more He transformed my life. In comparison to the suffering of Jesus, whatever I was going through felt easy. I began to share this healing message and encouraged others to pray the Rosary so that they could experience it too.

How do you integrate your faith into your career and your life?

We are currently in a very atheistic society, so it does become a challenge. I have learned to share my faith at the right moments. It is important to always have a smile, to always be patient, and to always be caring. I wrote a book, “My First Autograph,” which is about following your dreams. Our dreams do lead us to Heaven. When I see it is the right time to give someone a rosary or teach them how to pray the Rosary, I do.

In your book, “My First Autograph,” you wrote: “The prodigal sons and daughters of this world will return to God in droves as the famine of the world increases and continues to take over.” Could you elaborate on that?

I was one of those prodigal sons. Part of the reason I turned to God was due to a spiritual famine in my life. I felt lost and all alone. Then, I discovered that God is present. All I have to do is turn to Him. If I had never lost my faith, I probably would not be able to appreciate it as much. I would never have known how cold it is outside and how warm it is with Jesus.

What is your devotion to Mama Mary like, especially in relation to her Son, Jesus? How does Mary draw you closer to Him?

They are inseparable. Her suffering and His suffering are intertwined. It is a circle of love. I can’t see myself coming to Jesus without Mary. It was Their suffering that brought me home. The priest who married us was Father Eric. I tried to argue with him about faith matters and convert him to atheism. After a few months, I was ready to listen to Father Eric with an open heart. Now, 23 years later, I am doing everything that I can to spread the love of Jesus and the love of the Rosary and our Mother Mary.

Dr. Brian Kiczek

Dr. Brian Kiczek is a Chiropractor from New Jersey. He is the founder of Ultimate Decade Rosaries and cofounder of Dolls from Heaven.