Sep 23, 2019 361 0 Catherine Prendenville

A Little Piece on Mindfulness …

Life today is fast. It is so fast, that human beings are finding it very hard to keep up! We have lost our sense of self and have become to feel like a cog in a wheel, just going round and round and we cannot stop. This results in the deterioration of our mental and physical health, and we turn to medication to prop us up and, somehow, help us to cope.

Our health sectors have noticed this, and offer us advice on what we should do to keep it together. We need to keep physically active. Join a fitness club, go to a gym or take a brisk walk. Maybe we don’t have time because of all the demands on our lives. Mindfulness is a relatively new solution to a demanding lifestyle. To live in the moment. That can help us.

Has anyone mentioned saying The Rosary? This powerful prayer, that takes about 20 minutes to say, is the most powerful prayer there is. It can offer everything that ‘Mindfulness’ offers, and more. It is a meditative prayer where you can connect with the Mother of God. Mary, through the Mysteries of the Rosary, lets us know that she went through all the human joys and sufferings that we experience in this life, so she knows and understands what each and every one of us is going through. If you pray the Rosary, you are making a deep connection with the Mother of Jesus. You can leave your worries and anxieties in her hands. You are not alone. Our Lady will take your worries and request her Son to ease your burden and give you the strength to deal with your problems.

We all strive for emotional and mental well-being, good health, stability and happiness within our lives. Pray the Rosary and put your trust in Mary, the mother of Jesus, and she will intercede for us. Good days will automatically happen.

Catherine Prendenville


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