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Where Is God?

We hear this question a lot. Where is God? Where can you find God? Can you see Him? Do you know His address? Can you hear Him? Then, how do you find God? The answer comes in the form of some other questions: Is it possible to stand in the rain and stay completely dry? Is it possible to jump into the ocean and not get wet? Is it possible to hold a very hot plate without getting burned?

The answer is yes! If you cover yourself with a very good quality rain coat, then you can stand in the rain without getting wet. If you jump into the ocean with the right gear, then you can come out completely dry. You can pick up a hot plate without getting burned if you have the right gloves. We cannot really question the wetness of water or the power of heat in these scenarios. Similarly, we cannot question the presence of God around us if there is something separating us.

The Best Way to Find God

What did Jesus say about this? Jesus simply said, “… I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). Jesus is saying that He is with us always and everywhere. Jesus also said, “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). For a long time, these words did not make any sense for me. How is this possible? Why am I not able to always find Jesus when I seek Him? If He is with me always, then why am I not able to find Him?

A simple story in the Bible explains this. Jesus was walking in the crowd where people were pushing and pulling him from every direction. Then Jesus asked “… Who was it that touched me?” (Luke 8:45). It does not make sense; what kind of question is this? People, who were meeting Jesus for the first time, probably thought He was crazy. Yet, no one had the courage to ask Him. Peter politely asked Jesus, “… Master, the multitudes surround You and press upon You” (Luke 8:45).” Jesus clarified, “Someone touched Me; for I perceive that power has gone forth from Me” (Luke 8:46).

Apparently, it is possible to be in the presence of God without experiencing His healing. One of the ways we can experience Him is to follow the example of the woman in the story. When I read this, I understood a couple of things.

1. She was scared to come out because she did not feel worthy of receiving Him. She approached Jesus with repentance and humility.

2. She had faith in Jesus, for she said, “If I touch even His garments, I shall be made well” (Mark 5:28).

This means if we repent of our sins and approach Jesus with faith and humility then nothing can stop us from experiencing Him. Even Jesus does not have a process in place to stop it. You can see in this example that the woman was healed instantly. What a simple but powerful event, where Jesus gives this much authority to our hands.

Remember that the next time when you approach Jesus during prayer or Holy Communion, the heavens are wide open. God’s love, mercy and healing are flowing regardless of who you are or where you are. Take off that raincoat by approaching Him with repentance, humility and faith. Then, nothing can stop you from getting soaked in the presence of God.


Jithin Joseph

Jithin Joseph Jithin Joseph is the Director of Planning and Development of Shalom Media USA. He also serves on the Editorial Council of Shalom Tidings magazine. Jithin lives with his family at Houston, Texas.

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