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While sitting before the exposed Blessed Sacrament during adoration, I once happened to receive a deep insight on how our lives revolve around Jesus. The huge monstrance that strikingly resembles the rays of the Sun brought to mind the vast universe and the solar system we live in.

As we all know, our solar system consists of the Sun and the planets that orbit around it. Some of the planets such as the Mercury get most of the light from the Sun as it revolves more closely. While those that orbit far away from the Sun such as the Neptune receive very little amount of light, and so known to be colder and darker planet. At the same time, there are other objects which don’t orbit the Sun at all but just float in space.

About two thousand years ago, Jesus proclaimed that He is the light of the world. Curiously we find people of that time moving in different orbits around Jesus. Those who walked very closely with Him received much light: they grew stronger in faith, hope, love, and grace was abounding in their lives. While others who stood far away from Jesus, obtained much less light: they doubted, questioned and continued to live in darkness.

Now let us closely look at the people who chose different orbits around Jesus:

  • Just like those extraterrestrial objects which merely float in space and does not orbit the sun, we find people who never recognized Jesus. This brings to mind the soldiers who needed Judas to identify Jesus.
  • In the outermost orbit comes the great crowd who identified Jesus. They followed him, sought healing, miracles and were satisfied with their fill of loaves.
  • Take heart! Jesus did have people who followed him more closely than the crowd. Remember the seventy-two disciples who were sent ahead of Him to different towns.
  • Now we are moving closer to the Sun, and those who orbit Him now are those handpicked by Jesus Himself—His twelve apostles.
  • The innermost, closest orbit Jesus had was Peter, John and James. These three disciples were so close to His heart and received most of His light.

Even today Jesus continues to be the radiant Sun for this world. Those invisible orbits still exist, and people are orbiting around him at different distances. ‘How close is my orbit from Jesus?’ is the question we need to ask ourselves.

Where am I?

Antony Kalapurackal

© Antony Kalapurackal serves in the Editorial Council of Shalom Tidings. Antony lives in Brisbane with his wife Vinita and children Abiel, Ashish, and Lucina.


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