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Whatever You Do, Don’t Do Nothing!

Still wondering about God’s plan in your life? Do something about it!

God has a plan for each of us. That is why He created us. He wants us to be holy and with Him in heaven. That is our first and primary vocation: to be holy and work at it each day so we will, with His abundant grace, reach heaven as saints.

However, he also has a “secondary plan” for each of us. That is the way we live out our holiness here on Earth. The way we cooperate with His grace and sanctify the world, others and ourselves. This is our specific vocation: God’s plan for our life with our name on it.

You might already know your vocation. If you are living married life faithfully then do your best for your spouse and your children. If you are a consecrated religious witness to the beauty of your vocation and joyful total self-giving. If you are a priest do the best you can to live out your life as a sacrifice of praise. If you are a committed single person live out this state in life in joyful service, using your gifts for others and the Church.

However, if you are still wondering about God’s plan for your life do something about it! Do not do anything. Do not sit at the bus stop and watch the buses pass by and complain that you never get anywhere! Discerning your vocation in this life requires action on your part. The Holy Spirit is already acting in your life, but perhaps you are not listening or you need to turn up the volume—that is not hard to do.

God wants your happiness. He has created you beautifully, to be with Him forever. The way we live out our vocation in this life will help us on our pilgrimage to the next. Seek His will for your life here and now, to share in that happiness now.

Spend some time with Him each day in prayer and particularly in regular eucharistic adoration. This is a way to discern God’s plan for your life. Spend time with the One doing the calling. Seek Him in all things. Seek Christ first, not answers. When we find Him, we will find the answer to our searching.

Prayerfully ponder the Word of God each day from the scriptures. God speaks through each word in the Bible. Practice the “Lectio Divina” on some of the “calling” passages from the Gospels. Can you hear the Lord whispering something in the depths of your heart? Can you see yourself in the shoes of Matthew the tax collector or Peter the fisherman?

Then do some research. Know a bit more about your options. God’s plan for our happiness is not found on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Seek advice from a wise person. Seek out a spiritual guide who can help you on the path of discernment. However, be careful with whom you speak—choose wisely, not widely. A spiritual guide or a spiritual director needs to be someone who can help you prayerfully discern God’s plan for your happiness and fulfillment in this life.

After prayer, discernment, information, and guidance, the time will come for a decision. Be bold! Launch out into the deep! The Lord who calls you is faithful and will not abandon you. Say yes to Jesus who is calling you and give Him everything.

Sure, feelings of uncertainty or unworthiness may come. Give these over to Jesus. Remember that He will never be outdone in generosity. He will continue to supply everything needed. All He needs is your “Yes.”

You might know a young person (or young at heart) who is trying to work out God’s plan for his or her life. Pray for him or her intentionally and regularly do some penance for him or her. Spiritually accompany him or her on this journey; pass on this article.

Perhaps as you read this you feel the stirrings of something deep in your own heart. It may be a quiet whisper or the hint of a suggestion about a vocation to priesthood or consecrated life. Be attentive to this. “Listen with the ears of your heart,” as Saint Benedict urges.

In a little while, do something about this. A parked car will never get to its destination. We need to do something. Put the Holy Spirit in the driver’s seat and see where He takes you. Get ready for the journey, then hang on.

Whatever you do, do not do nothing.


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