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Dec 21, 2022 306 Joan Harniman

What Color Is a Soul?

Ever wondered what is the shade of a soul? Let me share what God infused into my mind while journaling…

I am a believer in Journal Writing. I believe everyone can write. If you can think and speak, you can write since writing is just talk written down. But I have been taught a new lesson recently. Pen or pencil in hand (or keyboard), as you draw down those thoughts, worries, and trivia in your mind, another Voices can be heard. Sometimes, God can speak to you through you!

I have a morning routine of reading from three daily devotionals after attending mass. I love God’s Word and I know it is living and active, so when a Scripture quote “speaks” to me, I write it down in my journal. Then I might write down my own thoughts.

On June 24, 2021, I was doing just that. I was feeling very bothered by all the divisions in our world. This group versus that group kind of thinking, and bickering seemed to be all about. I felt that mankind had so more to unite us than divide us. I picked up my pen and started to write. I wrote for about 15 minutes without stopping. I wrote in poetic form as well which is very rare for me. The writing just flowed and I let it. Then it was over and it was complete. God seemed to be confirming what I had thought about mankind’s connections. He gave me the reason for that connection. He even gave me the title — “What Color is a Soul?”

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “The human soul is created directly by God and is not “produced” by the parents. (CCC 366-368, 382) Saint Hildegard of Bingen said, “The soul speaks: I am called to be the companion of angels, because I am the living breath God sent forth into dry clay.” Again, we find in the Catechism, “The soul causes the material body to be a living body.” (CCC 362-365,382)

Now, my journal writing did not include references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I include them because they support what was given. But let’s go on with the entry:

God goes about picking up and mixing the earthen blend of the dry dirt. When He has just it just right, He puts in the perfect part—the God part. Does He wrench it from His own Sacred Heart? With the God part in, God bestows a Breath and perhaps a kiss. And a new creation is sent to earth. Every human being is created with a soul. No one is alive without one. No exceptions ! Doesn’t this unite every being on the planet? We know also that this soul never dies. The flesh decays, the God part lives on. It is the eternal life given by the Father.

Now our God loves variety. He didn’t just create “flowers”. He created every form, color, size, variety, function, perfume of flowers. Pick any form of creation animal, mineral, celestial, etc and you will find myriad expressions of each. God’s imagination is well, Godly. And all He creates is good. So we know the soul-bearing human is created in every color, size, shape,gift and grace. In every part of the globe, humans are connected by God’s amazing gift of our souls.. What color is a soul? It is not black, white, red, brown, yellow, etc. Our Artist in heaven gathers all shades of the universe. In His Image, He colors us majestic and grand. Each of us are meant to sparkle and shine. Don’t you think that it’s a sacred sign that we are innermost Divine. What color is a soul? It is Divine!

That journal entry calms and comforts me. It tells me that God is in control and He wants me to trust Him. My Savior knows my thoughts! The wisdom in the words was not my wisdom. I had been seeking an answer, and it was given. I feel that God wrote to me, through me, after my prayer. The Presence of God is ever with us and within us. God speaks to us through other people and the beauty of nature around us. He talks to us through our laughter, our music and even our tears. Many times we just don’t notice, but what about the times we do notice? Do we think ourselves out of that holy moment? When our thoughts are confirmed, or when our readings answer a question that has been on our minds or when we are “taught” as I was, do we tell someone about it? We need to share these encounters with our living God more often. It makes the Kingdom of God present on earth when we do. How much God loves us! Each of us is a beloved child of our good God. We don’t earn His love. We can’t lose it either. Therein lies the greatness of our merciful God.

Read Scripture. Pray. Meditate. Write. God can write to you, through you! Oh, and remember journal writing is unedited writing. Don’t stop to check spelling. Don’t wait for the perfect sentence to begin. Just write! You never know what God has to say to you.


Joan Harniman

Joan Harniman is a retired teacher. She has co-authored two books of Biblical plays, skits, and songs, and has published articles in Catechist and teacher magazines, as well as Celebrate Life magazine. She lives in New York with her husband, children, and five grandchildren.

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