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Nov 02, 2020 883 Michael Maxwell,

The Power of Prayer

Have you realized the power of prayer in your life?

My wife and I have a Christmas tradition of bringing our children and grandchildren together for the Christmas celebrations. On Boxing Day my wife takes the grandchildren to a pantomime, accompanied by some of our adult children. I know the grandchildren looked forward to the panto with much excitement. The last time we did this was four years ago. Since the grandchildren have now all grown up a little, the pantomime does not quite appeal as it used to.

Fourteen years ago, I had a heart attack. After I received two stents and some rehabilitation I was absolutely fine. But 10 years later, at 3AM on Boxing Day, I awoke in a great deal of pain. It felt like a re-run of my heart attack. Because I didn’t want to disturb my wife, I got up and went downstairs to pray in the kitchen. I decided not to call an ambulance, mainly because I didn’t want to spoil all the Christmas celebrations.

I have never prayed so hard or so fervently in my whole life, imploring the Virgin Mary to ask her son, Jesus for this not to happen right now, not for my sake, but for my family. I imagined the heartache this would cause them all if I was taken to hospital. In my prayer to Our Lady, I recalled the granting of her request in the Miracle of Cana. It gave me so much hope that she would listen to my supplications. As time passed, the pain increased more and more. Ten years previously, I had suffered the same symptoms. To my relief, after several hours of fervent, urgent prayer, the pain subsided and then left me altogether. I was so grateful to our Holy Mother for comforting me in my pain and anxiety and interceding for me.

Now, four years later, I have remained completely free of pain from my heart condition and am able to cycle many miles each week.

Trust in the power of prayer.


Michael Maxwell

Michael Maxwell serves the Church remarkably through his active involvement in Baptismal and Adult preparation at St. Theresa’s Church, Chester, Cheshire, U.K. Being married to his beautiful wife for 52 years, he has 3 children and 6 Grandchildren.

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