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Simple Faith: Had a Walk with Jesus Today?

My best friend Alice shared an experience that changed my life and started me on an amazing spiritual journey.

Ever since we met as children, I had been awed by her gentleness and kindness. She never willingly hurt anyone. Even when she was wrongly accused, she never justified herself but took all the blame upon herself. I often wondered how she was able to be so gracious, so one day I asked her. She simply replied, “I picture the sacred heart of Jesus in my heart. Whenever I am tempted to say or do anything wrong, I feel that Jesus will suffer and that is how I am able to keep away from sin.”

She then turned back to me and asked, “Agnes, don’t you know that Jesus longs to dwell in your heart?” I yearned to share this image of Jesus inside me too, so I decided to pray about it. From that day, every evening I went upstairs and asked Jesus to share an image of His sacred heart with me. One night, I had a dream about Veronica wiping the face of Jesus and receiving His image on her veil! I finally realized that wiping the wounds of Jesus would imprint the picture of Jesus on my heart.

Now my thoughts turned to finding ways I could wipe His wounds. I got another child-like idea. Every evening I would go for a walk with Jesus. I imagined myself as a little child, accompanying Mary during His sorrowful Passion. From the time I was very little, I could walk up to Him, without the soldiers stopping me, then look up into the face of Jesus.

As I walked along, I would slowly recall the negative ways I had reacted to adversity. Then, I would picture Jesus gazing back at me, encouraging me to do better. Each day I would divulge my present sorrows to Jesus, cleansing away the tarnish that had hindered my soul from discerning Him clearly. It became really delightful. In my prayer, I began to envisage my dear ones accompanying me on this daily journey, so they, also, could be purified by the precious blood that fell from His wounds. As we approached the scene of His crucifixion, Jesus reminded me to imitate Him, by forgiving all those who had injured me. Until I let go of my grievances, I was not able to follow Him any further.

As I stood by His cross, clinging to Mary’s hand, Jesus showed me how much He suffered whenever anyone fell into a mortal sin. Every time we lend a helping hand to lovingly assist those who have fallen away from Christ, it comforts the sacred heart of Jesus! Each day I spent accompanying Jesus and Mary along the way of the cross revealed more about the mystery of salvation.

This Lenten season, I encourage you to walk with Jesus, just like a little child. May this journey help you compare your sorrows with the sufferings He bore and share the load with Him. By recalling previous setbacks, we may realize we are still carrying unnecessary burdens for no reason at all! Let us invite Our Lord to polish off the tarnish from our hearts so we may shine with purity. His radiant love will then glow in our hearts and reveal the presence of Christ to all around us.

Agnes George


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