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Saintly Musings: Guardian Angels Are Real!

One afternoon, Padre Pio sat alone on the veranda, just outside his cell. His assistant, Father Alessio felt it would be a good opportunity to review some of the letters asking for his advice, but he was surprised at his response. “I am very busy right now,” Padre Pio replied. “I cannot answer your question at this time.”

Father Alessio was confused. It was obvious to him that Padre Pio was not busy. He was sitting alone with Rosary in his hand, but he always held his Rosary. Later Padre Pio explained: “There have been many guardian angels here today bringing me messages from my spiritual children.” Over the years, Father Alessio personally experienced mysterious knocks on his door, or whispers in his ear from Padre Pio’s guardian angel, calling him to Padre Pio’s aid when he could not walk without assistance.

Every human being is assigned a guardian angel who always sees the face of God. Their task is to guide us into His presence, to the places that God has prepared for us in Heaven. Whenever you are in need, call upon your angel to help you. Send your guardian angel to comfort a friend in distress. Remember that there is always a witness to your deeds.

Angel of God my guardian dear to Whom His love commits me here; Ever this day be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen


Shalom Tidings

Shalom Tidings

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