Nov 07, 2020 924 Joan Harniman,

Kingdom Moments

Where is the Kingdom of God in a Covid world? Find it today!

Covid Chronicles

The word “lockdown” still takes my breath away. Fear is enemy number one. To prepare the battlefield, I placed Divine Mercy images on all my doors. I prayed that the Angel of Death of our times—Covid—would pass over this house. Inside my house, my statues of Jesus and His Mother faced out to protect the whole neighborhood and world. Then I began a notebook journal, my own “Covid Chronicles”.

Anxiety, isolation, boredom and depression are relentless stalkers on this battlefield as well. Rereading my journal now, I see how the Lord is continuously helping his little ones to fight them. The Kingdom moments are in plain sight now. Do you recognize them?

Your Daily Kingdom Moments

Start your day with Power. Raise your heart and mind to the God who waits to hear our prayer.  We have a God who, on His redeeming cross, said, “I thirst.”  Do you know anyone else who died for you and still wants to help you more? Put all your fears right there at the foot of the cross. Because He is God, He knows them anyway and delights in banishing them.  In return for your trust in Him, He gives you peace. Fair warning though: this is not a once and done deal.  Every time fear sneaks back, have a battle cry ready. It could be simply, “Jesus, I trust in you.” That is the Divine Mercy prayer. When fear becomes too great for you to stand, kneel. I found that the moments on my knees were profound teaching moments. Humility is so necessary to authentic prayer. The rosary to our Blessed Mother, our great intercessor, is the greatest weapon for our time, according to Padre Pio. Pray it every day for soothing peace.

Take in Wisdom. Read from daily devotionals, and religious magazines. The short meditations and scripture readings will say exactly what you need to hear at that time on that day. They will verify God’s presence with you and that is a Kingdom moment.

Make Mass the mainstay of your day. I felt so grateful to our priests and to our technology which live streamed the Mass every day. The Word of God and spiritual communion were Kingdom moments delivered right to me. I knew I wasn’t alone.  Mass was still a communal meal.

Plug into Prayer Groups. I learned to Zoom and connected with an out of state prayer group. I attended many virtual conferences on healing and gifts of the Holy Spirit. My own local Charismatic prayer group conducted weekly meetings through both email and group telephone meetings. Scripture, personal witnessing, petitions for healings, and music were shared. Faith communities nourish the soul and we see that we are a united force connected to a mighty Power who blesses us because we worship and praise Him.

Get outside. Life is for the birds, literally. There they were living their uninterrupted lives. They sang their songs, built their nests, fed their young etc. Nature is a Kingdom gift of beauty itself.

Talk to positive people.  I have smart and grace-filled friends.   Connecting with them brings me laughter, and prayer reaffirming visits of the heart. We sympathize, support, and, most importantly, just listen to each other.  They are life support during Covid days. If you don’t get a call, make a call. Someone is waiting for a Kingdom moment which you can supply.

Set goals each day. At the beginning of Covid-19, I attacked boxes that I had promised myself I would go through years ago.  Every day I still set a goal and accomplishing it makes me feel content.  A pat on the backwards off depression.

Indulge in “me” moments.  It sounds contradictory, or even selfish, but doing what you love makes you a happier person. If you live with someone else, they will appreciate that a lot, I suspect.  So sing, paint, write, exercise or create by crafting and kingdom moments will be given to others as well as yourself.

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:11) Always put yourself in the presence of God. Continually look and listen for Him. You will forget, but He will remind you. He is there; your Forever Friend, Savior, and Supplier of all you need. Yes, Covid-19 is a formidable foe, but if we put on the Armor of God we have the best defense. And if God is for us, and He is, the battle is already won. So where is the Kingdom of God in a Covid World?  Where it always is—in our innermost being, our spirit.


Joan Harniman

Joan Harniman is a retired teacher. She has co-authored two books of Biblical plays, skits, and songs, and has published articles in Catechist and teacher magazines, as well as Celebrate Life magazine. She lives in New York with her husband, children, and five grandchildren.

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