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God has No Limits!

I am a very keen student pursuing English at my university. My studies have enhanced my ability to use context clues, find themes and analyze characters when it comes to reading literature. I do not just read it, I think as I read. I sometimes ponder how a particular character relates to this point in history, is my life similar to this plot, do I agree with the author’s point?

Simultaneously, I have been diving into scripture throughout my college years. The way I read in my English classes’ transfers to the way I read scripture. I do not just read the Bible to tell myself, “Today I read one psalm. Good job.” I read the Bible to bask in its beautiful mysteries.

What makes the Bible so much better than any piece of literature I have read in class is that the Bible was written out of love for me, about me. In the same way it was written out of love for you, about you. The Bible tells of our past trials and victories, present mysteries and promises, and future fulfillments of God’s love. It is not my homework; rather, it is my story. So, yes, my English homework has taught me how to pray.

The word of God is not meant to be skimmed over—it is living and effective, sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Think about it. For the one who grew up in the faith, hearing the same gospels and letters from Saint Paul, can get very repetitive. That is why I have found it necessary to read scripture with a new perspective every single time. When I open the Bible, I pray, “Lord, speak to me today. Here and now. What does Your word mean for me today, right now?”

Then He shows up! Despite having heard a certain scripture passage many times before, or even if I am reading it for the first time, God always speaks through it. I just need to be sure I am listening.

How do we hear God’s voice? Here are some examples:


In January 2018, through social media I noticed a lot of people were praying for a “word of the year.” The purpose of this prayer is to sit with God and ask Him to give you a word that would describe how your upcoming year would play out. Many women around the country were getting words such as “love, grace, free, still, joy.” I decided to pray as well. I sat down to listen, although not really sure for what, then in my head/heart I heard the word “deep.” My initial reaction was confusion but I also found it funny. Other women received somewhat concrete words while I received a broad, open- ended word. Unsure of what it meant entirely, I began the year with “deep” in my heart.

By December I looked back at the depth of God’s love in my life throughout the year. In the beginning of the year, God steered me away from an unhealthy friendship which I thought I was handling well (but God knew otherwise). God introduced me to new friends who encouraged me to not pray like it is a checklist but pray because I am encountering the living God. They encouraged me to form a deep relationship with God because He really loves me. God called out to my deep wounds that went unnoticed, brought them to the light and began the healing process. He went into the depths of my identity and showed me who I really was in Him. That was God speaking to me. When He gave me the word “deep” He was prophesying over my year to come.

The Body

God also speaks through people, His body. In January 2019, I went to confession with a random priest in a random city. After confessing my sins, the priest said, “You need to trust people.” First of all, I was confused as to how trust was an issue because the sins I mentioned did not really deal with that. I replied, “But it is hard.” Those words slipped out of my mouth. I did not plan on saying that aloud. The priest, who I had never met before, said, “I knew you would say that. But remember, I never said it was easy.”

I left that confession focusing on what it meant to trust others and reflecting on how I was failing to do that. A week or two later I went to confession with another random priest in another random city. After I confessed my sins, he gave me a lot of helpful advice. At the end he mentioned, “And maybe you should try trusting more.” Again, from my perspective, I did not think trust was the issue.

Then while reading the scripture I came upon Psalm 125:1: “Those trusting in the Lord are like Mount Zion, unshakable, forever enduring.” Later, while trying to get things organized for a group project, one of the reserved group members said, “Let me help you.” God knew what I needed to hear even though it sounded bizarre to me. He pursued me, speaking through various people in order for me to get the message.

Only He Would Know

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, I had a decision to make: either go to the local March for Life rally or visit at-risk children I had been developing relationships with through an organization. I knew both would be promoting life but March for Life only happens once a year. It was a tough decision but through prayer I felt God wanted me to stay with the children.

When the Saturday came, I felt uneasy about my decision as a lot of my friends went to the rally. Some other people in the organization visited an at-risk family in another neighborhood. When all the organization’s volunteers united at the end of the day they said, “Oh Renee, by the way, a father from the other neighborhood was having a yard sale when we visited him. We saw he was selling ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.’ We told him it was your favorite movie and he asked us to give it to you.”

When they handed me the movie, I felt that was God’s little way of telling me, “I see you. You didn’t miss out today. Be present. Look at all the life flowing here.” I do not think God was necessarily rewarding me for the decision I made but He wanted to confirm that He delights in me. God could have chosen a million ways to tell me that, but He creatively used my favorite movie to do so.

When God speaks to us, it does not necessarily have to be a literal voice. Just as I have listed, God has no limits in the ways He speaks to us, so be open to His promptings and movements in your life. I am praying for you.

Renee Muñiz


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