May 11, 2019 389 0 Seena Kollanur

Generous Grace

I wonder how God can be so generous in bestowing His grace on us at all times. In the past, all the holy people prayed and sacrificed much. I often feel that they were purer than us, simpler in intentions, thoughts and deeds.

The present generation seems much more complex. Our knowledge has also increased with science, psychology, manipulation and even wickedness. We are more innovative in finding ways to sin and even encouraging others to do the same. Yet, when we pray God generously gives us His amazing grace. How are we receiving these graces in spite of our growing unworthiness? Do we deserve them?

When you think of it, it does not seem fair to receive more for less work— Aha! This brings to mind the parable of “The Laborers in the Vineyard.” In this parable the workers who were called early in the morning to work in the Vineyard and worked the full day received a Dinari. Those who come at the end of the day also worked but only a few hours (or minutes) and they too received a Dinari.

Here Jesus is talking about the generosity of God. Why does God show this generosity in grace? Why so much generosity now? There are two reasons—there is very little time left to work, and each one needs to earn his wages. Now the Lord knows those born long ago were born when life was simpler, purer and sin was scarce. People were more sensitive, caring and more prayerful. There were less temptations and reasons to fall. Hence those born then are like the workers who came in early at the break of day or even midday.

We have many more temptations and the road is slipperier than ever. It is an easy glide into sin. So we need to exercise more restraint in circumstances, more courage to do the right thing, strength to face the opposition when wading upstream. It is difficult. Modern life is much busier than in the past. People do not have time to think or even relax—so when will they pray? These are the folks who came in the last hour of grace (work day) and they also are struggling to work, to live (to earn eternal life).

Now that we are willing to work, even if it is at the 11th hour, how do we earn the graces we so badly need? This is where the Church comes in and the gifts the Lord has given us in the Holy Mass, the rosary, chaplets and the many treasures of the Church.

Now imagine the scene where the ground below is dissolving and in a few moments you could be plunged into darkness and death. Suddenly a rope ladder comes down from a helicopter. This is a last- minute rescue mission. What would you do? You would immediately grab it, climb and hold on as you are whisked away to safety!

The prayers are the rungs of ladder sent our way from heaven, by our mother. Do we want to be rescued? Are you willing to be rescued? Let us take hold and hang on—until we reach home.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the amazing grace you pour on us each day. Even though we really do not deserve it, Lord, Your mercy is far beyond our thinking. Help us to be faithful to the gift of grace, that we may not be plunged into wickedness of this world. May we always strive to reach our Fatherland and sing everlasting praise to You. Amen.

Seena Kollanur

© SEENA KOLLANUR serves the Church through her active involvement in various ministries. She lives with her family in California, USA.


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