Jun 02, 2020 1729 Jackie Perry,

Crisis Invites Us to Discover Who We Really Are

In the midst of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic life as we knew it continues to change. We are stripped of so many things that were once a part of our everyday lives. And we stand amidst it all figuring out who we really are in this new normal.

Typically, we spend our lives working hard to shape our own identity, to brand ourselves. We want to control the kind of person we appear to be. Depending on our interests, we pour our time into specific activities, sports, hobbies, and into whatever work has helped shape the perception of “who we are” for the rest of the world. We desire to be seen and known as a certain kind of person and sometimes we even flaunt our special achievements or successes. We buy into the idea that the things we have, do, and accomplish are what make us who we are—that they create our identity.

And then all of a sudden, the whole world stops.


No more sports.

No more concerts.

No more large social gatherings.

No more intimate get-togethers with friends.

No more travel.

No more sense of security.

And for some,

a loss of money.

a loss of employment.

a loss of business.

a loss of health.

a loss of loved ones.

a loss of life.


We have been stripped. Stripped of much of what we thought we were, and much of what we thought we needed. Such a process of detachment is hard and painful and sometimes very scary.

Sometimes, even without a world-wide health crisis, God allows us to go through a process of detachment from the things and ways we use to identity ourselves so we can discover our true identity.

Inevitably, if we do not know who we are and what we are worth, we attach our identity to earthly things that are fleeting and can be pulled out from under our feet at any time. Our sure and solid source is God and God alone. And we need to know him intimately. When we do, we will know how much he values us.

You and I, my friend, are first and foremost beloved children of a loving Father. That is our true identity. That is the only identity that matters. The world will try to tell you otherwise. Your friends might try to tell you otherwise. The Tempter surely will try to tell you otherwise. But nothing changes the Truth of who you are. It is your Truth and it is my Truth, and it is every person’s Truth. And it does not matter whether or not we come to own it and believe it. Nothing we say or do can change that Truth. Our identity rooted in the Father is where we find life. And an interesting fact about the Kingdom Jesus established is when we feel we have nothing left; we realize that we actually have everything we need.

Now, in the midst of this crisis, when each one of us is being stripped of some aspect of our former lives, now is the time to dig deep and claim our true identity.

So I will start. I am Jackie Perry, a beloved daughter of our merciful Father.

Who are YOU?


Jackie Perry

Jackie Perry is a wife and an inspiring writer. As a Catholic, Perry believes that one of the most important things you could ever choose in your life is to live radically, authentically and unapologetically as your truest self. You can learn more about her at laughsandlove.com

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