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A Miracle that Changed My Life

I remember my Mom crying desperately over my Dad’s shoulder and all my relatives, friends and even total strangers weeping and praying for me. As I lay in the operation room, hearing the doctors whispering frantically to one another as if there was no hope, I closed my eyes and prayed that I might live for one more day.


In 2007, when I was in the fourth grade, my uncle bought a new PC and I looked forward every day to being able to play games on it. One afternoon, I ran from school to the first-floor apartment where I lived with my parents and little brother. I tossed my school bag, changed my clothes, and ran like a flash of light to play on the computer. Meanwhile, my Grandma was walking down the hallway carrying a big pot full of boiling water.

As I came running at full speed, I saw my Granny coming toward me. She cried out, trying to warn me, but not recognizing the danger, I kept running to give her a hug. As she lost her balance, the hot water spilled all over me. Everything went black. My Granny’s cries rang in my ears as I lay on the floor, not knowing what had happened. I saw my Mom rush in looking terrified. She made such a commotion that neighbors soon hurried over to see what had happened. When they saw me, they all panicked. Suddenly, I began feeling surging pain all over my stomach and I was rushed to the nearby hospital.

Sign of Grief

My Granny tried to comfort me in vain, while my mother cried desperately, but as I was rushed into the emergency room, she entreated me to say the holy names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. When the doctor examined me, I was able to see the horrible condition in which I had arrived at the hospital. There was no skin left on my stomach, just a flesh-colored mass. While the doctors treated me, my parents, relatives and friends prayed for Mother Mary’s powerful intercession, but everyone knew there was little hope.

After a full month in the hospital, I was able to return home. One of my uncles took on the responsibility of caring for me. For my parents, I was a constant source of grief and worry. As a boy, I had never seen my father cry, but one day, seeing me wracked by pain, his eyes filled with tears. My whole life now consisted of just lying on my bed. Everyone assured me of their prayers—my friends, teachers, parishioners, priests and sisters; everyone prayed over me. Wherever I turned, I saw people praying for me. Now I know their prayers never went unheard.

Burn Marks

Much sooner than the doctors expected, I was fully healed. Everyone said it was a miracle. Friends and family were unanimous. No one had expected me to live and yet there I was healed and healthy. Only God could have done it!

Even though I was just a boy at the time, this experience of God’s miraculous healing sowed in my heart seeds of love and faith for God my Savior. I learned that God is always there to save me. The burn marks are still very visible on my stomach, but whenever I see them, I am reminded of God’s healing touch and I realize that what I am now is his embodied mercy.


Darwin James

©Darwin James resides with his family in Tamil Nadu, India.

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